Saturday 5 November 2011

The Phantom of Okahandja

English internet translation from Sondag:

"Bernard Poolman, the mysterious father figure of the Desteni cult, by some described as a phantom who refuses to face the world show.

Others say that self-confessed Hitler fan is a tough Dictator!

Very little is known about the charismatic KULTVADER apparently engaged young people worldwide heads FULL BOULE talking - but we can reveal that his "strange gospel" sermon from a farm about 20km outside Pietermaritzburg.

On Sunday last week several attempts to contact the controversial Poolman, apparently a born Namibian, get in touch - but the guy had apparently tried to evade us.

One of Poolman's "akoliete" had informed Destonians that "journalists do not trust" and therefore we will not talk.

None of the followers with whom we made contact, Poolman's number would provide to us or talk to us about the cult.

Facebook messages and emails that Poolman left, is flatly ignored.

A reporter who a few years back Poolman on his farm, said Poolman refused to take pictures of him taken.

He said: "I have half the old uncomfortable feeling. It seemed to me that if I put a foot wrong they (the Destonians) my dog started going, "said the journalist. Full report in the newspaper."

[They mean the reporter who published these articles in Rapport back in 2009:]

Two of the comments are:

"His parents well. His mother June is still alive. Does the nursing home in Okahhandja. Wonderful people."

"Bernard Poolman of Okahandja, Namibia. His parents then Poolman Motors owns."

Thanks to the Cult Education Forum.


Anonymous said... would think that Desteni would want to talk to journalist to get the word out if they were a legitimate group that is making change in the world. I think deep down inside they must know that there is something off about them, otherwise, why hide from the press. I encourage everyone to tip off the press about this internet cult-exposure might help some of them realize that they are being taken advantage of by Bernard.

Anonymous said...

the interesting is everybody that is against them, they have allways spy seeing how is the business here, one this blog, another on antidesteni movement youtube channel, and maybe more others, isn't anyway that obvious that all the process they make is completly illegal?
the pig know he fails but he whant continue brainwash everybody with his stupid common sence.

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