Monday 30 April 2012

Destonian Spams Reddit with Lies

The Destonians have taken to spamming Reddit, an online community for posting web content which can be reviewed or voted on...

At the Atheism sub-section of Reddit a discussion ensues in response to the posting of Day 15: Who am I? Prisoner of the Mind? by user, BernardPoolman under the heading, Are Atheists Prisoners of the Mind as Well?

The discussion is at:

After a link is posted to this blog Destonian cameronvcope writes

ironically the blog you linked was written by christians who were pissed about the fact that Desteni was calling out christians for preaching about jesus without actually living his message

It seems that cameronvcope is deliberately lying. The page that was linked to was not written by Christians or theists and this blog is not run by Christians or anyone belonging to any religious or spiritual group. We don't give a shit about what Desteni say about Jesus.

Just to make it clear: the editors of this blog have no religious beliefs whatsoever. The blog began simply as a response to the woo woo occultic sub-New Age crapola of Desteni.

The kind of ideas that inform Desteni are far more widespread and have more influence than just that one group, but Desteni serves as an extreme example.

Material from various different sources is published or linked at this blog and some of it may or may not be from theists, but anyone can see for themselves that nothing published here critiques Desteni on the basis of religious beliefs. Whether anyone is Christian or a theist of any kind or agnostic or atheist is of very little relevance to the fact that it is quite obvious that Desteni is an absurd cult and money-making scam.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of spam, I think I've figured out why there were 8000 false likes.
as any other cult, as i know, they use SCRIPTS to change the amount of likes. now i need to know how.

Anonymous said...

Well, one thing I've noticed is that Bernard's posting have only recently gotten attention from other destonians on Reddit. Nice thing though is other people can report their marketing efforts to subgroups that they don't own. I just reported a post by them because i thought it was inappropriate.

Obviously the Journey to Life group is just one massive echo chamber controlled by them and posted by them but other non members can vote up or down. It's interesting that despite their "800" fake members they don't have the numbers of up hits on theses entries. Also will be nice to see what they are writing about- this is one way to go public that might bite them in the ass as they vomit their foolish doctrines.

You can also see that Bernard is trying his luck in the atheism, spirituality, activism, worldpolitics, and psychology sections of Reddit for recruits. So clearly there is a type of person they look for. People that are looking for answers or are frustrated. One entry that made me laugh was manu guy saying " we are the elite!" Hahahahah... now they are identifying with what they claim to hate. See it at

Lastly, notice how Bernard has no comment karma. He just spills his stuff and doesn't allow for discussion- even with this followers.

Loads of insight here to dissect their freaky behavior.

Anonymous said...

I actually hope that Destonians are influenced by going on Reddit. There they might find more contact with sane people, especially if they participate and get allured by all the various sections. It also lets them speak to others outside their cult. I bet Bernie didn't think of that....

Desteni Cult blog said...

They've been sussed already. Seems unlikely they'll get any recruits on Reddit, people using it are pretty smart. But it is a good laugh reading their exchanges with other people.

Here's another one after Poolman posted an article saying Jesus was a true atheist

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're right, it is a good laugh. And so easy for others to call them out on their crap. We'll see if Bernard just limits the conversation to their own subreddits or if he continues to try and spam others.

Here are other reddit they control (more stuff to give you insight into their craziness)

Looking at reddit posts it seems there is only a core group of posters/commenters from this small cult. Seems they've taken on the project but it is unclear what means they hope to get other than leaking out their craziness to even more people who will see their obvious deception. Perhaps it's just another Bernie project that creates the "us vs. them" dynamic that is needed for group cohesion.

Desteni Cult blog said...

That Desteni subreddit hasn't been used in months. It looks like they're avoiding using the Desteni name too much. But, yes, so many of these projects, like "anti-hate" on YouTube, are just an exercise in perpetuating an "us and them" - "oh, we are being unfairly persecuted by abusive people who haven't done the research" kind of situation. The main purpose it seems to serve is to retain the existing members.

A big part of their process involves spamming just for the sake of it, so the fact that regular Reddit contributors will immediately cotton on to their game doesn't necessarily make any difference. The point is to redeem the world from evil by spamming ;P

Desteni Cult blog said...

By the way, an excellent point made there by a Reddit regular to Destonian cameronvcope:

"Spamming, sock puppets, block voting, these are all invasive tactics of a merchandising culture".

Anonymous said...

"Spamming, sock puppets, block voting, these are all invasive tactics of a merchandising culture"

yea,they should look who is making the same. (idiots)

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