Monday 11 April 2011

The Equality and Oneness of Desteni


An examination of Desteni's Equality and Oneness.

From an outside perspective, Desteni appears unequal. A "Common Sense" man speaks on behalf of something outside of existence. This man has been given infallibility. When you question or criticize him you are questioning or criticizing the dimensions. This fallible man always has the best excuse. His mysterious nonsensical ways are always justified via this route. He is always in the right despite evidence to the contrary. In this way, this leader appears as a despot. He can only justify his position by deriding or condemning others. He is the worst form of abuser as he is either incognizant of the abuse or he is indifferent to it. The former makes him insane while the latter makes him a sociopath. His position of authority rests upon the belief that everything he says and does comes from the dimensions.

However, are those within Desteni coming closer to oneness and equality? The answer is Yes. All within Desteni are becoming equal and one with the leader. They give up their own power and sense of self. And herein lies the confusion to outside observers. Desteni never defines Equality and Oneness. Desteni will never tell the potential recruit that will become equal and one to the leader via giving up their identity, sense of self, and potential. They strive for self-expression, but all such expression is an illusion. All forms of self-expression will eventually become equal with the leader in thought and in deed. All doubt and concern is wiped away through self-forgiveness and self-response-ability under the banner of what is "Best for All." But since the sense of self is being eradicated, "Best for All" becomes "What is Best for the One or the Leader."

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