Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sunette Spies: let them eat cultural relativism

Ivan Rauscher

In her recent video, Destonians and Self Leadership, Sunette Spies puts forward the very stupid, oft-repeated idea amongst Destonians that outsiders who criticise their group are not qualified to do so because they are not Destonians.

Even though it is obvious that he is, Bernard Poolman, she claims, is not the leader of the group because they are equals and leaders of themselves. She patronises outsiders by saying that in considering Desteni they should follow the principle of cultural relativism.

It would take less than a minute if spoken in plain language but she insists on padding out what she has to say with her usual dull and inane Destenispeak gibberish, so it takes Sunette Spies a full 20 minutes.

Sunette Spies: 'interdimensional portal'

Destonians view information from Sunette Spies, whom they call 'The Portal', as superior to information from any source other than Bernard Poolman. They believe that she can communicate with 'the dimensions'. There is no such thing as 'the dimensions' but they take it and what she says on blind faith. At the same time they denounce others who follow beliefs based on faith. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

While Spies with her invented, rarefied persona of 'portal' deigns to recommend approaching the subject of Desteni from the point of view of cultural relativism, she presents herself as knowing more about equality than anyone other than Bernard Poolman.

Outsiders, observers or critics of Desteni can't afford to indulge in cultural relativism when it comes to Desteni. Desteni is, after all, a very un-cultured authoritarian sect and tacky internet scam, not a culture.

Spies admits she's taken the idea of cultural relativism, which is somewhat debatable in any case, from a book on anthropology. It is certainly not one of the established Desteni catch phrases. Neither is it their principle, because Desteni make a point of denying that diversity should exist alongside equality.

It would be all very well if Sunette Spies and Desteni were cultural relativists, but their message revolves around the puerile notion that everyone and everything outside their group is shit and Desteni is the best of the best and best for all in the whole wide world. They make it plain they see their group process as without equal anywhere in any culture. They are sectarian and elitist.

Their founder, chairman and main spokesman, Bernard Poolman distorts and abuses ideals of equality to sell his equal money scam and exploit an audience with already culturally-accepted liberal, humanitarian or socialist ideals of social equality.

Poolman complains about and condemns all kinds of people and cultures in a threatening and uncouth manner. It has nothing to do with culture or equality. It is about scapegoating and demonising others to try and mislead and convince those who'll listen to turn against anything or anyone outside of his group. The idea being they'll give all their money to Desteni and do exactly what he and Spies tell them to do.

The so-called 'practice of self-forgiveness' allows Spies and Poolman access to, and gives them power over every aspect of a Desteni member's subjectivity, involving their personal life history, insecurities, fears and anxieties.

Just as they are not cultural relativists, Sunette Spies and Bernard Poolman do not represent equality in any way, shape or form. They represent misanthropy, miserablism and authoritarian control. 


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, so the ex-members of Desteni are qualified according to this logic, yet they are shunned and their infringing messages are taken off the forum. My cousin was a member and it was funny that when they kicked him out they kept all his early videos and entries (making it look like he was still a member) and removed his latest stuff because it was starting to stay from their little group.

I was also told to think of Desteni as another culture when I first confronted my cousin. When asked about reptilians he went so far as to say "it's irrelevant."

destenicult said...

Other ex members have complained of the same treatment by Desteni:

All that drivel about reptilians, Anu, the interdimensional portal etc etc are just some silly stories used as a hook -- they get into it often because that's what they were into in the first place -- then they say none of it matters because what's important are 'the tools' of 'self-honesty', 'self-forgiveness' etc -- which funnily enough are supposed to be understood by watching hundreds of videos all about reptilians, Anu, the interdimensional portal etc ;P

Anonymous said...

"There is no such thing as 'the dimensions' "

you can't rationally prove the inexistence of any thing.

destenicult said...

This blog is not meant to be philosophical discourse. There is no rational proof that shows the "The Dimensions" exist as anything other than fiction and/or a belief.

Anonymous said...

but then whats his propouse they want money why the talk about equal money then and why they use mitology and believes and things like dimensions and matriz if they just want a better money sistem ?

Marcus said...

I will say with all my honesty, Sunette Spies is uggly. :/ psychopath with white hair, or yellow, let's see... hmmmm...
In this system the things will be boring in the future. Only money money money, only money will get the people more sick, i recognize that pattern in the society we live. Thre is proves the money is like drug in our society, what is necessary is just search for them.
Money have allways negative influences, is not the best system to survive, in this case the positive influences are very low. The human being changes according to the living environment. If they only talk about money, this can mean a psychological problem. Only money make the people sick. Only money is like unhappiness, praticatlly decreases happiness that is proved from science.
i cannot say all the patterns unfortunatly because my english is a litle bad and cost me talking in this language.
But maibe you can se. :/
Money changes the people, and not really for the best way.

I hope this can help. If you comment, comment :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"There is no such thing as 'the dimensions' "

"you can't rationally prove the inexistence of any thing."


relly? from many gods we belive and our ancestors belives, we don't belive anymore in one of them if not only on the ultimate god, jesus, i am not from Christianity, atheism or any other religion, I am neutral, but i know, this kind of religious cults have been losing more belivers, especially Christianity, because people are beginning to awaken that none of this shit of cults works, and Scientology is another scam behind this shit, always constantly making people suffer psychologically, passing from generation to generation, so that everything looks real, why should others enter in an damn portal and others no, that's the question, is a scam.
sunette and this organization of dummies, is all a scam, i am responsible for what i say, but not for what you understand.

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